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An industry-standard call-transaction system with a fully integrated voice response & messaging

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Make sure that your customer got best service quality all your business inbound and outbound will be recorded

End-to-end programs.

spend marketing money to receive leads calls A powerful solution combining the functionality to route, record calls, reduce business operating expenses, functional reporting, in order to route customer requests to the right resources. Super call enables revenue maximization leading to customer satisfaction. Its capability to integrate with any platform or software makes it the right-choice solution. super has the ability to meet the needs of small & medium enterprises using both Client-Server & SaaS architecture as well as having the system scalability to support an infinite number of concurrent users.

Recorded Calls

Detailed call-records for analysis of call center operations by period, activity, call-type & response-type


Interactive voice response with recorded message after working hours to insure all customer got right message from your company

Many branches

Super Call provide route Calls to all your branches with smart routing to serve all your copays sectors and departments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Super call center system is fully calls center system for your inbound and outbound call with all features needed


Call Recording

Life agents Monitoring

Smart call routing

Queue management

specialized reporting

Absolutely we can use super call center system to manage all your inbound calls on your short number  

Yes you can record all inbound and outbound call for landline or mobile

As mush as you want and we provide hardware depending on landline or mobile  numbers to be matching your extending plans

Super we can link your call center in all branches and transfer call within branches

Absolutely we can manage call center team from different places and log in in call center system with full monitoring like their work in your premises 

Yes you can integrate super CRM with super call center system and when customer call pop up appear with all customer data and history and can click to call customer from Super CRM

You contact Super call engineers team and they will set appointment to discuss all your requirements and provide best solution for you

We grantee our call center system after installation and go life  we give you 3 month free support  

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